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Bnature – Bahrain’s First Online Environmental Encyclopedia Announces The Launch Of Its Updated Platform

bnature – Bahrain’s first online environmental encyclopedia is launchibnature – Bahrain’s first online environmental encyclopedia is launching its updated website on the 8th of September 2022, marking World Literacy Day. bnature is the vision of Bahraini marine biologist, Dr Reem Al Mealla, who saw a need to bring together all of Bahrain’s environmental information and entities through creating an accessible platform for both scientists and non-scientist. ​

“bnature serves as a one stop resource,“ said Dr Mealla, “Over the past 10 years, I have been approached by many people in the country from students, visitors and members of the public including those from the international community, all asking for updates on Bahrain’s commitments and related environmental strategies and projects. Many also seek partnerships, collaborators and experts. Bahrain has such a beautiful biodiversity and its worth sharing with the world.”

bnature was first launched in 2015, built by youth to serve the community in Bahrain. Seven years down the line, after bringing together a great team and with support from KJH Consultancy in addition to working with local community members, the updated bnature is relaunching with a new look as it shows the world what beauty and treasures lies within Bahrain. “We are delighted to plant seeds of environmental awareness in Bahrain through bnature as we believe in sharing information and learning is the way to achieve this” said Koussay Hammoudeh, the founder of KJH Consultancy. 

The platform hosts a nature bank which highlights Bahrain’s natural history and heritage as well as lists Bahrain’s environmental policies, laws and relevant organizations. It aims to connect experts in Bahrain and around the region working on environmental projects ranging from biodiversity, land degradation, food security and marine biodiversity to name a few. It will also give individuals the opportunity to get involved in scientific research through citizen science programs; a valuable and legitimate scientific tool where the general public – without any formal scientific training or education – become actively involved in scientific research benefitting all. 

bnature provides the community with a conscious living section in hopes to be able to promote local relevant services and practices to spread awareness on the available options in the country that enable individuals to embrace an earth friendly path. “What makes bnature special is that it is created by the people for the people,“ said Ali Talahi, the platform’s co-founder. The team behind bnature see the platform as one that embraces a community movement, encouraging nature lovers to share information and be part of the change. “bnature is our legacy for future generations of Bahrain” said Narjes Khalil, the project update bnature co-ordinator. The platform is a lifelong space that aims to grow further into one for discovery and learning; inspiring the new generation to appreciate and consider environmental careers.

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