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Koussay is an excellent trainer and coach with a sharp mind, highly supportive. He has a strong technical background for selling skills with the ability to deliver dense and deep material at such a short notice and make a profound impact.

Nelly Habib
Senior Instructional Designer, Senior Trainer, E-book Writer, and Life Coachg on,

Koussay is one of the most well-rounded Business Strategists I’ve met. Unlike many others, he has a myriad of skills and tools that looks at the business from a holistic perspective. Because of his holistic yet detailed, “inside-out” approach, clients experience fast and lasting results. He’s also a conscious, dedicated human with high work ethics. Couldn’t recommend him enough and I am blessed to know him.

Luna Lopez
Mind Sculptor. Happiness Architect. Creator of the Masterful Life Academy,

One of the most intelligent and thought provoking coach and consultant. You can find in a meeting or conversation with him the space to explore solutions, opportunities, possibilities and explore beyond your current perspective and outlook. I personally have had the liberty to explore new domains I didn’t believe existed. A professional and a friend I cherish and hold dear to my heart.

Mbarak Bamatraf
Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) at Support Human Capital Group,

it was pleasure working with Koussay, he is a true professional with integrity and wealth of knowledge. his contribution to the success of the project is well felt by the entire team, we will continue working with him in our future endeavors. Thank you Koussay.

Durry Atassi
Sr. Project Manager at WSP,

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