Saudi investors interested in Croatian tourism

News / Saudi investors interested in Croatian tourism

Saudi investors interested in Croatian tourism  

  President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) Luka Burilovi? met with entrepreneurs from the one-of-a-kind Square One Business Initiatives investment company from Saudi Arabia, who saw the most potential in Croatia's business in the tourism sector, they said on Wednesdayfrom the Croatian Chamber of Economy. 

Square One Business Initiatives, as quoted by the CCE, have a wide range of business activities from real estate investments to the development of IT solutions for specific areas of expertise. Representatives of this company in conversation with the head of the Croatian Chamber of Economy have pointed out that the greatest potential for business in Croatia is seen in the tourism sector - the arrival of tourists from Saudi Arabia, investing in tourist capacities, catering, buying Croatian food products and franchising business expansion. 

Burilovic stressed that Croatia is a safe country for all tourists and is also recognized as a halal-friendly destination. "Many Croatian food products carry a halal quality label and an increasing number of hotels adapt their services to the demands of tourists from the Arab Peninsula," he noted. 

Saudi businessmen have also presented business opportunities with Saudi Arabia, especially in light of ever-changing reforms that bring different opportunities for economic cooperation development and business opportunities for companies from other countries, according to a CCE statement.